Al Saada Center is a branch for Tad-beer and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiration. Through its initiatives, the Ministry has sought to achieve the government’s strategic goals giving priority to increasing efficiency, flexibility, and productivity in the business market conforming to international standards and conventions in the field of work and labor organization.
The strategic plan aims at qualifying and preparing the UAE business market through enabling national efficiencies to work in the private sector. We aim to establish a comprehensive system for protecting labor rights, while safeguarding employers’ interests; by providing excellent services in order to make the UAE one of the best destinations in the world for living and doing business. Moreover, we aim to strengthen security and maintain stability in the country that includes the social structure of many cultures and nationalities, so that the UAE remains a safe haven for international investments and companies.



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced the provision of a variety of packages for employing various types of domestic workers through the Tadbeer service centres, which are expected to start services in the fourth quarter of this year.
The Ministr y of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) now accepts potential franchisee applications for the brand name Tadbeer Service Center, under license from the Ministry. Franchisees shall provide services on behalf of the Ministry through a corporate partnership between the Ministry and the private sector, set according to the standards and guidelines of the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) applies a strategic plan that seeks to transform the job market in the UAE into an empowering attractive market for Emirati talents. This represents a roadmap in managing manpower in the UAE to reach a new phase of development and establish a knowledge-based economy according to the future vision of the government; thus contributing to the government's efforts to realize the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.
In order to achieve this, MOHRE adopts a comprehensive system of policies, standards, regulatory instruments, institutional partnerships, and excellent services. In addition, the Ministry seeks to realize its strategic plan that includes: empowering Emirati manpower; protecting the work environment; and enhancing the job market, while reinforcing innovation, and providing excellent services—including all administrative services—according to high standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency.


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